Kendra Satterfield is an exceptional BCBA supervisor. Her passion, dedication, and overwhelming experience in this field is the reason I chose her as my supervisor. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always provided me with the support I needed to competently deliver ABA services to clients. I most admire her outstanding ethical and professional commitment as a Behavior Analyst. She not only helped me learn to be a more competent ABA therapist, but she modeled it through her own practice. She inspired, encouraged, and reminded me to continuously read and consult the scientific literature when I had a question. She taught me how to use the science properly and efficiently which is exactly the skill required for me to become a BCBA. I was able to be supervised by Kendra both locally and remotely, after she moved from ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­my area. The supervision provided to me was high quality from start to finish. Thank you Kendra for being a wonderful mentor to me over the last few years. Eternally grateful for my experience.


Kendra became a weekly educator and supporter to my family weeks after we learned of our  son’s autistic diagnosis. She immediately went into action with our son and began educating us in tactics that would have long term effects. When her work started with our son eighteen months ago he was not able to label or follow simple instructions such as (sit, stand, turn-around, touch your nose, touch your head), along with several other demands that we did not realize needed to be taught. My journey with Kendra has been life-changing! Eighteen months later, our son sings, reads, knows his numbers to 100, and now recently he has shown interest in 1k, 10K, 100K, 1 million, and 1 billion. He is very independent and excelling academically. Initially there were terrible tantrums that would go on for several minutes. With the help of Kendra we have learned to extinguish that behavior which has been life changing. We highly recommend Kendra as a BCBA.  She has played a major role in helping us discover the greatness that lives within our beautiful son.